In addition to our handmade decks, Lekker Skateboards is excited to offer our first in a series of artist-designed apparel under the moniker Lekker Life as a way to broaden our company's visual vocabulary and make our work available to many more of our supporters. Since our debut, our inbox and social media feeds have been full of inquiries about purchasing a Lekker T-shirt, and until now, we've had to reply in the negative.

Our first in the Lekker Life project, is "Lekker Levitates.", a T-shirt designed by our friend and artist, Adam de Boer, based on a watercolor drawing of a retro-style skater enjoying a supernatural experience atop one of our decks. Adam says that this image is based on an incident he had with his very own Lekker board, but we know a thing or two about artistic license and have our doubts...looks fun though.

Levitate to a Lekker Life.