Central Coast Classic

After nearly two years of development, we’re pleased to present the sixty five board limited edition by Lekker Skateboards, titled Central Coast Classic. Each board hand-crafted and signed. The sights and smells of sunset surf sessions drove the design of the Central Coast Classic. The line is named as homage to the distinct part of California that brought together two men from different worlds, with an affinity for skateboarding and woodworking. Hard work testing shapes, wood types, and hardware variations lead to the perfect combination of size, speed, and agility.

The Central Coast Classics can go with you everywhere at 25 inches long by 6.5 inches wide. Retro sized trucks measuring 6 inches total axel width provide impeccable pivoting when paired with 60 millimeter soft 78a durometer wheels. High quality speed bearings reduce friction, so the glide goes on and on. To make sure your feet stay connected with these gems, California beach sand is embedded on the top of the deck for superior grip. Domestic and internationally sourced wood gave us the opportunity to make each board of this edition unique; none are the same.

Because the Central Coast Classic is inspired by the places and people that have helped to bring this dream into light, we’ve acknowledged that indebtedness by naming each board after those particular influences: our ever-supportive community, as we’ve embarked again on this journey of skateboard making and skateboard riding.

Thanks for your interest in our work. It means so much.

– Team Lekker

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