We were not exactly sure how many skateboards we could make for the Central Coast Classic edition. Up to that point, I had only made two or three at a time. Also, where we could make them together was up in the air. My garage and all the tools are located in San Luis Obispo and Zac lives in Los Angeles. To meet the needs of his busy schedule, I agreed to bring the entire shop to his place for the first skateboard-build weekend. I packed up my truck with the tools, lumber, and extension cords and hit the road south.

We kept to a tight schedule, waking up early each day to continue working on the boards. It’s a laborious process, but with the help of a few friends, we cut, glued, shaped, and sanded for four days straight, ultimately finishing more than fifty, an astonishing feat considering my earlier expectations. And as a special detail, as a way to help secure your feet onto these precious pieces, we sprinkled each deck with Californian beach sand. Our final count is sixty-five in the Central Coast Classic line; all handmade by Team Lekker.

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